How To Join

Step 1

You must first fill out a petition, and get it signed as directed on that petition and submit it to the Lodge.

Step 2

After the petition has been submitted it will be formally received, and read at the next regular business meeting, and an investigative committee will be assigned. The Committee usually consisting of 3 Masons will meet with you and discuss your interests in Freemasonry, and get a better feeling of who you are. This typically takes place at your house, but can happen over coffee, lunch, or even at the Masonic Temple itself. The Committee will contact you and will work out the arrangements for time and place.

The committee is not interested in your tax returns, your political leanings, or religious affiliations, other than to ensure that you believe in a Supreme Being. The committee is interested in your satisfcation of the requirements to become a Freemason. To make these determinations the committee requires no other proof than your say so, and will not make extensive credit checks, or background checks.

The committee will be supremely intrested in finding out what it is you know about Masonry and what it is you hope to find in Freemasnry.

Step 3

The Investigative Committee will then make a report to the Lodge that you do or do not meet the requirements to be made a Freemason, and whether or not they feel you are looking for something Freemasonry can provide.

Following their report, the Lodge will vote to determine if you will or will not receive the Degrees of Freemasonry within Wasatch Lodge.