Gothic Room – Temple Tour

Gothic Room

Home of the York Rite in Salt Lake, this room, as implied in its namesake resembles that of a 14th century court of nobles from ‘across the pond’.

Strikingly finished almost entirely in oak, the Gothic Room is the most elaborate room in the Temple. The oak walls rise to the seating gallery above the main floor, and trusses with intricate scrollwork span the length of this room. Accenting the rich wood tones of the room is red carpeting matching the triangular altar in the center of the room. The ceiling above the trusses is finished to resemble polished blocks of granite.

The stage in this room contains several drops and sets used by the York Rite, while not as varied as those in the Auditorium; they are still works of art. Bordering the stage and its canopy, a stream of faux-marble, delicately hand painted, complemented by scrollwork bearing themes shown elsewhere in the Temple gives the stage a dramatic presence allowing it to dominate the room.


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