Fiat Lux

Let there be Light! This phrase, while typically held in the modern, western, mind to belong to the Judeao-Christian, or even, Abrahamic faiths, represents in Freemasonry the great goal of each Mason, illumination. The expansion of personal knowledge, learning, and compassion.

Illumination and Light are represented in Freemasonry in numerous expressions and icons; wisdom, knowledge, light, lamps, sound. However represented, Light or Knowledge, is something each Freemason is charged to seek out, inculcate, and share with their world.

To that end, that we may in some small way fulfill our obligations, and share our joy of Freemasonry, Wasatch Lodge #1 F&AM, puts forth Fiat Lux.

Fiat Lux is a weekly digital newsletter of Wasatch Lodge #1 F&AM. Its purpose is to express Masonic Ideals and Philosophy. Masons and Non-Mason a both welcome to contribute to this newsletter. All contributions should be sent to

03/23/2004 - Masonic Philosophy


01/05/2004 - Virtue - Albert Pike
01/19/2004 - The Compasses - SHORT TALK BULLETIN - Vol.II May, 1924 No.5
01/26/2004 - The Plumb & Level - SHORT TALK BULLETIN - Vol.II June, 1924 No.6
02/02/2004 - The Square - SHORT TALK BULLETIN - Vol.II April, 1924 No.4
02/09/2004 - The Plumb Refreshment Courtesy, Jay Hochberg.
02/17/2004 - The Ancient Square - SHORT TALK BULLETIN - Vol.XIII March, 1935 No.3
03/15/2004 - The All Seeing Eye

The Square & Compasses is the defacto symbol of Freemasonry around the world.

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