Egytian Room – Temple Tour

Egpytian RoomThe Egyptian Room continues the theme from the Temple face. However, where the front of the Temple gives strong visual clues to its inspiration, the Egyptian room avoids such distractions. In fact, one is hard pressed to find what is Egyptian about this room.

The most immediate Egyptian element, and also the most prolific is the lotus flower. It can be found on the capitals of the columns in the east, in the decorative work inlaid on the ceiling, and in pictorial form elsewhere about the furniture of the room. Surprisingly this room is bereft of that most Egyptian of adornments — hieroglyphics.

Egpytian Room LampThe most astonishing feature of this room, a room dedicated to the propagation of Masonic Light, are the lamps. Made of entirely of paper, and painstakingly painted with lotus flowers, these lamps bring a subtle beauty to this room.

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Egpytian Room