The Shrine was organized in New York, N.Y. on September 26, 1872 to provide a social outlet for members of the more “Serious” Masonic organizations. Membership requirements at that time consisted of being a Master Mason, as well as, being either a Knights Templar or 32nd. degree Scottish Rite Mason, though recently they were changed to only having to be a Master Mason. The Shrine is perhaps the most visible portion of the Masonic Family. Its various clubs and units perform at many civic functions, parades and Circuses. This organization sponsors the ‘Worlds Greatest Philanthropy;” the Shrines Hospitals for Children. There are 19 Orthopedic Hospitals and three Burns Centers throughout North America. No Shrine Hospital has a cash register –there are no charges to the patients accepted for treatment. Over three hundred sixty-five million dollars are annually spent on child care by the Shrine of North America. El Kalah Shrine Temple is the Utah affiliated organization. It is located at 650 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City. For more information

The Square & Compasses is the defacto symbol of Freemasonry around the world.

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